Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top Premium Android Apps for less than half a Dollar (25pence)!

For a limited time, top premium apps in the Google Play store would be going for just
25pence, that's less than 50cents, in celebration of the store reaching 25 billions downloads. Phew!

So if you don't mind, you can get some of those tops apps.

For some reasons,  it is limited to a few premium applications, and it would require you to setup a google wallet account for payment.

So head on to Google Play and get the apps you would like to have.
One App to look out for "Asphalt 7: Heat".

I love racing! ツ

BTW.. it was nice not to have anything to say about the iPhone5, and I still have some pending interesting posts. So watch this space.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictures from Apple Store | Iphone5, iQueue, iFun

A few shots from the Apple stores at Covent Garden and Regent street both in London.
See the iPhone5 reviews here and also Siri in action. [video]

First shot at the beautiful thing.
The iQueue. No jokes..  some folks be here for like 5 days

Grandfolks with the new iPad.

"The Fruit with one bite" -iGbenga
iPads,iMacs.. iName it

Die-hards. iMean on this iQueue for iHours,,LOL..iNo way!
Sorry..Same shot as above

Same shot as above with out paranoma
Genius bar.. Bored Apple Staff.. He probably would not
own an iPhone5 soon.. I wish he would.

Outside the Covent Garden store

Outside the Regent street store
Apple flag


Sell or be Sold
More Hands-on

HanD-on.. never mind the photo filter

Outside Regent store... which broke the record yesterday for
having 1300 people on the queue waiting for the mesmerizing iPhone5
Free facetiming and browsing.

Apple Devotees
See Siri in action. video here

Testing Siri on the iPhone5 | Video

So you all should know "Siri". The iPhone assistant commandable by voice. Here is it being put to the test.

See the iphone5 review here

First Hands-on Review iPhone5

Sturdy. Light. Simple. Beautiful. is the iPhone5. After holding the device for sometime, I began to understand Apple better.
Not everything they have done is right. But they win many points here, taking cue from the psychology of an average human; Good aesthetics would always be appealing.

Handling the world's fastest phone felt good. See pictures from my escapades at the 2 most popular Apple stores in London and a video of siri in action on the iPhone5.

Material and Appearance:
You have to accept the lightness of the device, there is no doubting the high quality materials which was used to build the chasis yet, it's light. The phone felt good to the hand.

 Fastest I have ever seen. A tweet from me yesterday.
Really fast. you could go.  snap, snap, snap without the
slightest pause.

Internet surfing : 
webpages loaded pretty well. Nothing really exciting about the browser. It would be nice to have the chrome version installed.. which I think is available already.

Siri has become smarter. Amidst all the ambient noise, it was able to tell the Chinese guy there were no theatres around and could find me 15 rails stations around my location at the first try, with a few fails too.

If you have been using the iPhone since the first iPhone then, you would love the iPhone5 better, not necessarily because you are an ardent fan of the iPhone, its could probably be because you have gotten used to most of the native features which has been consistent all through, with incremental improvements at some points, and that's a plus.

Aesthetics has brought the iPhone this far, without having the very best of thoughts going into improving other areas like its functionality. More went into the physical appearance of the phone than the software I would say.

This video kind of tells that. It also faintly highlights the standpoint of iPhone manufacturers.
A phone with more functionalities, but not built to last so long should be preferable to a phone that gives you all that, not as much, but with the all the aesthetics and that social element.

The iPhone5 is a great phone. The new Android devices, Samsung Galaxy s3, etc are great as well. This is obviously not the case with most people, but then, ..
House the android operating system with the iPhone5 Hardware, I tell you friends,
you would experience true smartness.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reporting Live >> Apple lphone5

My broadcast might not start until noon or later, but I would sure bring you the sights and sounds.
Stay tuned.

iPhone5's opening Sales Eve >> Get ready for the iQueue

So it is Friday the 21st already...and some Apple fan boys and girls are already at camp at the most  exquisite Apple stores all over the world. Some already know of the dissapointments they are going to face, like the maps (let's not even go there), but the spell is too strong to break loose from. hehehe #justkiddin.

Just a few hours away till the first sale is made and just see what it's like around the Covent Garden Apple store near Oxford street in London. There are probably a dozen more stores in London, but you can be sure most people would be at the Covent gardens and Regent street stores.

Apple store @ Covent Gardens

If you switch the camera on this page and see inside the bar, I bet more than half of these folks would have their night there.
Those are part of the people that would make up the i-Queue tomorrow.
(The bar is actually empty this moment 9am..21st, Last night, there were loads of people in there)

The Apple store on Regent street couldn't be any better.
Apple store @ Regent street, London.

I have no live feed for that, but I might as well report live from these apple stores.
Watch out for the live stream link on my twitter stream. @tjwizking or check this page by noon time tomorrow.

So keep really calm, stay tuned and bookmark this blog for the techy stuffs you really should know...
Now, didn't I just sound like a journalist. haha. Cheers guys! ツ

!▬Anyone available, let's meet up.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Apple Spell | iPhone5 sells out in 1 hour.

Tell me its ordinary

According to sources from Mashable, online pre-orders for the new... (did I just say "the new"..Sorry.) I'll take that again.

According to sources from Mashable, online pre-orders for the iPhone5 :) has sold out. It sold out from its initial inventory in one hour. Yes...! an hour.
So basically Apple has to re-budget..sort of.

While the iPhone4s experienced a record of selling 11 units every second in the first 24 hours, the iPhone5 out sells its initial budget 1 hour after pre-order opens, technically speaking. That's explainable.
Some survey by the source also say 58millions units would be sold this year. I actually doubt that, but heyy!.. it's Apple, who knows.

In other related news, I have observed the reactions from its announcement, which by the way pushed up Apple Inc's stocks at the market, as usual. I have also seen polls of the iPhone5 against the Samsung Galaxy s3, with the later leading. While that may be biased, one thing I have always said stands. The Apple spell.
The Apple spell is real, Apple fan boys/girls are real too. but even more real are Apple Zombies.

But then, we wait for the real deal  on the 21st day of Sept.
So keep calm and queue in front of an Apple store.

Have Lovely weekend!